6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (2024)

Think of me spell should be simple but still very effective, helping always to keep the loved one somehow connected with you.

These white magic rituals so you have to be very clear about what you want to do because they are mighty and effective and once you cast them you can’t look back.

You can cast strong think of me spell chants to make someone think about you non-stop almost like an obsession, feeling attracted and driven to you and with a deep need of connecting with you once again. Imagine you have a crush on someone and you want him/her to think of you and getting more and more into your overtime.

This is the kind of spell you should cast!

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (1)

Faith and devotion are the most important parts of every ritual, especially rituals that involves love, desire, and lust.

If you need some extra support use tarot or crystals to boost your practice. An example? The devil card is all about consuming powerful love!

We’ve covered Get Your Ex Back Spells, Break Up Spells, Call Me Spells, so it’s time that I show you a few of my favorites Think of Me Spells.


“Think of me” spells are a potent form of magic that can influence someone’s thoughts and emotions towards you, making them think about you frequently.

These spells vary in manifestation time, with some yielding quick results within a few days, while others may take longer, depending on the spell’s complexity and the practitioner’s energy.

Did you know that “think of me” spells can be traced back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, where they were used for various purposes, including love and influence?

Common ingredients used in these spells include candles, herbs, crystals, and personal items belonging to the person you want to influence, enhancing the spell’s effectiveness.


  • What are “think of me” spells?
    • Manifestation time of these spells
    • Did You Know?
    • Common Ingredients Used in Think of Me Spells
  • A List of My Top 6 Think of Me Spells
    • 1. The Crescent Moon Think of Me Spell
    • 2. Think of Me Spell With Athame
    • 3. The 7-Days Think of Me Spell
    • 4. Think of Me Spell Without Ingredients
    • 5. The Subconscious Thief Spell
    • 6. The Nightfall Think of Me Spell
  • Final Thoughts

What are “think of me” spells?

DefinitionThink of Me Spells are a category of love or attraction spells designed to create a strong mental connection between the spell caster and a specific person. The intention is to make the target person think about the caster frequently.
IntentionsThe primary intention of Think of Me Spells is to occupy the target person’s thoughts and emotions with the caster. This can lead to increased affection, obsession, or desire towards the caster.
Focus on Mental ConnectionThese spells emphasize creating a mental link or bond between the caster and the target. They aim to influence the target’s subconscious mind, making them think of the caster even when they’re apart.
Visualization and EnergyThink of Me Spells typically involve visualization techniques where the caster envisions the target person constantly thinking about them. Energy, intention, and concentration are channeled into this mental image.
Personal Items or PhotosSome practitioners use personal items or photographs of the target to enhance the spell’s effectiveness. These items are believed to carry the target’s energy and help strengthen the connection.
Candle MagicCandle magic may be incorporated into Think of Me Spells. Colored candles, inscribed with the target’s name and the caster’s intention, are often used as a focal point during the spellcasting.
Moon Phases and TimingTiming is considered important in these spells. Some practitioners choose specific moon phases, such as the full moon or new moon, to enhance the spell’s power.
Ethics and ConsentEthical considerations come into play with Think of Me Spells, especially regarding consent. It’s crucial to ensure that the target’s feelings and free will are respected. Spells should not be used to manipulate or control others.
Reversal and BreakageThink of Me Spells may be reversible or breakable by the target person if they possess strong willpower or spiritual protection. Practitioners should be prepared for potential consequences.
Alternatives and CommunicationBefore resorting to Think of Me Spells, individuals are encouraged to consider healthy alternatives such as open communication, building a genuine connection, and addressing any underlying issues in the relationship.

Manifestation time of these spells

These strong think of me spell chants usually manifest within 10-21 days. Of course, it depends on factors like your commitment to the practice and how strongly you believe in the power of magic. Don’t get frustrated if you cannot see signs right away but give these spells a chance to work and manifest at their own pace.

Respecting the energy and its manifestation time is mandatory for a successful experience and a satisfying outcome.

Did You Know?

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Casting your own magic spells takes skill and patience and isn’t recommended in most cases. I provide these “do it yourself” spells for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

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6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (3)

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Common Ingredients Used in Think of Me Spells

IngredientPurpose in the Spell
Pink or Red CandlesThese colored candles represent love, attraction, and affection. They are often used as a focal point for channeling energy and intention towards the target.
Personal ItemsPersonal items belonging to the target, such as hair, clothing, or jewelry, are incorporated into the spell to establish a stronger energetic connection.
Photos or DrawingsPhotographs or drawings of the target can enhance the visualization process and assist in creating a mental link between the caster and the target.
Love or Attraction OilsAnointing candles or personal items with oils designed for love or attraction can intensify the spell’s energy and intention.
Rose PetalsRose petals are symbolic of love and romance. They are often used in Think of Me Spells to add a touch of romantic energy to the spellwork.
Love CrystalsCrystals like rose quartz or clear quartz can be used to amplify the energy of the spell and promote thoughts of love and attraction.

A List of My Top 6 Think of Me Spells

1. The Crescent Moon Think of Me Spell

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (4)

This strong crescent moon spell is linked to the lunar phase power and it’s mandatory to perform this ritual during this specific time to see results. This is not an easy spell to cast as it’s mostly recommended for expert witches.

If this is your first time casting a similar spell I suggest trying with something easier and more beginner-friendly at first! You only need a red candle for this one but a strong intention and a strong commitment are the main keys to let this spell actually work and manifest.

This is a Wiccan spell so if Wicca is not your thing and you don’t feel comfortable in practicing this kind of spell simply skip this and try another one! Don’t force your magic!

For this Wiccan spell to work, it is necessary that you and this desired person talked at least a few times before this ritual, and above all, you must know his/her full name (name and surname).

Difficulty: Expert Witch

Effectiveness: 5/5

Lunation: crescent moon
Day: Friday (mandatory)


Altar and a red candle. If you don’t have an altar, you can do it in the magic circle.

How it’s done

  1. You will have to go outdoors if you can, on a Friday night (if you can’t go outside, simply open a window or a balcony or a terrace) and create a small altar.
  2. Close the magic circle making sure that the altar is facing north. If you want to invoke the Elemental Guardians, it’s an optional option anyway.
  3. Take the candle and engrave the name of your loved one.
  4. Before lighting it, as you lift it towards the moon, you must say the following words:
    With love I call you (name of the desired one)
    And I whisper to you I love you.
    Following the love that reaches you
    (name of the desired one) that love will lead you to me.
    Silently and gently
    Let my person cross your mind.
  5. Now you can light the candle and say this formula:
    Think of me day and night, (name of the desired one)
    If it does not harm anyone so be it.
  6. Kiss the candle while it is lit.
  7. For at least 30 seconds, you must think about him/her, being together with your loved one in intimate ways. I suggest that you spend more than 30 seconds on this visualization part.
  8. At this point you have to let the candle burn. When the candle is completely consumed, you will be able to interpret the shapes of the wax that can tell you in advance the existence of the ritual.

If after manifestation time nothing happens you can recast this spell but try to forget about this first attempt to have a blank new space and mind to embark on this new experience.

2. Think of Me Spell With Athame

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (5)

This is a more complex version of the first spell of this guide. To be able to get good results with this ritual for Love, first of all, we need to know as much as we can about the person we desire. This spell will work better if you two had some contact before.

Some of you guys wants to cast this kind of spell on people they’ve seen once randomly at a grocery store. These kind of spells don’t work like that! For these specific think of me spells you need to have even if a soft not so deep connection a bit of a bond with this person and you have to know his/her full name to make it happen.

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (6)

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 5/5

We need to know his full name (first and last name), because this is fundamental to the success of the White Magic Rite.


  • Your Altar.
  • Athame (if you don’t have one you can use a consecrated knife or a pair of blesses scissors)
  • An incense burner.
  • A cup full of salt.
  • A vase with pink or red flowers (roses will be fine).
  • A red candle.

How it’s done

  1. Use the incense burner with rose essential oil to create an inspiring atmosphere attracting love.Using the Ritual Knife, also called Athame, trace the Protective Circle, and set up your Altar in the direction of the North Cardinal Point. You can also recall the energies of the Elemental Spirits to support your work but, in hindsight, the invocation to the Goddess in the Ritual is sufficient.
  2. Make sure you can see the moonlight from the open window or terrace.
  3. Take the red candle, grease it with Rose essential oil and, always using the Ritual Knife, engrave the name of the person you want.
  4. Now, concentrate and take a deep breath. Before lighting the Red Candle, that is pointed towards the Moon, repeat this formula:“Bright Goddess, Goddess of love.
    Listen to me.
    Touch the Heart of … (say the name of the person you love)
    Help Love and raise my heart towards him.
    Let our souls meet in the Light of Love.
    So be it.”
  5. After that, light the red candle, the rose incense stick and say the following sentence:”(Say the name of the person). Feel me, think of me, feel my Love for you. Keep me in your thoughts day and night, (repeat the name).”
  6. Kiss the Red Candle while it is still burning. As you do so, and for at least a minute, imagine yourself standing next to the person you want, watching as you two hug and kiss. Make this visualization sincere and intense.
  7. Keep this vision as much as possible because it is a fundamental part of the Ritual for Love.
  8. Now let the candle burn completely. When it is completely consumed, before storing it in a small box and putting it in your favorite drawer, with a few red rose petals, look at the shape of the wax left over to get a preview of the Ritual outcome.

If the shape of the wax is roundish, the outcome is probably positive, other forms require more in-depth analysis, but you are sure that the Ritual will work. You have to believe it firmly.

At the end of the ritual, place the remains of the red candle and incense in the rose, in a small box, as anticipated, and put it in the drawer that means something special to you.

3. The 7-Days Think of Me Spell

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (7)

If you want to give something a bit more complex but still beginner-friendly a try, this ‘7 days think of me spell’ is exactly what you need!

This spell is very powerful but still easy to perform spell requires a little bit of commitment daily for a week but, trust me, it is a great way to let a loved one think of you and to become desirable!

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • Seven sheets of paper
  • A red pen
  • A red candle

How it’s done

  1. Write on a piece of paper your name and the name of the person you want to have a romance with. Also add a day of birth for both of you.
6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (8)
  1. Rewrite everything three times and draw a heart around the writing.
  2. Fold this paper in half, and after that fold it in half once again, then light the red candle.
  3. Burn this paper with a candle while saying:
    The flame is alive, the fire is burning, my love is coming soon, the hour is late!
  4. Turn off the candle and repeat the ritual for another six days.

Don’t forget to repeat the ritual every day for the following six days after the first time, to create a magical bond between you and your love interest!

If you cannot perform this spell on a daily basis skip this. Consistency is the key to let this kind of ritual happen. Commit for 7 days and you will see amazing results! If you skip a day, simply take a day off and recast this spell making sure this time to perform it every day for 7 days in a row.

4. Think of Me Spell Without Ingredients

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (9)

This beginner-friendly spell is a great way to mix easy magickal gestures, easy to find ingredients together with an easy but yet very powerful invocation. In fact, with the help of Archangel Chamuel, a piece of paper, and a red pen, you can make someone think of you constantly.

It’s very important for you to visualize what you say while chanting these words and truly feeling the need and the desire for the other person to think of you. Spend some time focusing on this and then cast the spell with a stronger intention and a more open and receptive soul! It will attract this person even more!

Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

Effectiveness: 4/5


You only need a piece of white paper and a red pen.

How it’s done

  1. To perform this love spell you have to write the name of the desired person on a paper with a red pen and fold it several times until this paper becomes tiny.
  2. Next, pick a sheet of paper with your right hand and repeat its name three times.
  3. Then, recite the following: “Powerful Archangel Chamuel help me (name of person) never stop thinking about me (your name). Through this powerful prayer that only I (your name) is the only one in your thinking. To lie down thinking of me, to call me today and ask me to be with him/her forever.”
  4. Finally, put the white paper under the pillow and repeat the name of the loved one three times. Sleep with this white paper under your pillow for 3 nights in a row and then store it somewhere hidden. After that, you will be the only thing he/she will think about. If nothing happens after a few weeks, recast this spell and see how it goes!
6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (10)

After that, you will be the only thing he/she will think about.

5. The Subconscious Thief Spell

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (11)

Even though this spell is quite easy to do, it’s still one of the most potent ones, because it works with the subconscious mind of that special person you want to have in your life.

When it comes to attraction spell like this one, the power of the subconscious mind as we want this specific person to think about us non-stop, right? That’s why this is a very powerful way to help you connect with you to a mental subconscious level.

Some of you contact me to tell me they don’t have a photo of the person they want to attract. This kind of spell requires it as mandatory ingredients so, if you don’t have one, simply choose another one otherwise it won’t work and the hoped expected outcomes won’t manifest.

Difficulty: Advanced

Effectiveness: 4/5


  • Five white candles.
  • A glass of vinegar.
  • A photograph of the desired person.
  • Salt.
6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (12)

How it’s done

  1. Start by drawing a circle on the ground with the salt so you can step inside it.
  2. Place and light the candles around the circumference and place the photograph inside.
  3. Now put the vinegar on top of the photo and recite: “Think of me as much as I think of you; fulfill my desire to be my will.
  4. Finish by twisting the candles counterclockwise, take the picture and write behind it: “think of me today“.

And here’s another option to do this ritual.

Here’s what you need:

  • A small two faced mirror.
  • A ball of red thread.
  • A picture of the person you want.
  • A picture of you.

How it’s done

  1. To do so, place the photo of the loved one in front of a small mirror and stick yours behind the glass facing the photo of your desired one, leaving the mirror between both images.
  2. Tie everything with the red thread and write on your photo the following text:
    I (your name) today (give a specific date) I am declaring fervently that you (the name of the person) will never stop thinking about me. Every time you look in the mirror and see your face, I will appear. You cannot forget me. You cannot get me out of your head. I will always be in you. This is my great wish, and I know that this is how it is going to be.
  3. Finally, keep the mirror in your wallet until you see results.

This spell could sound tricky but, if you perform it the right way, it is highly effective and powerful. So if you’re searching for a spell chant to make someone think of you constantly, use this one.

6. The Nightfall Think of Me Spell

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (13)

This spell will make your loved one, or your desired one, think of you two all day and night. This is one of those spells to make someone think of you non-stop.

It’s easy to cast and to perform and it uses the power of a photograph and of a rose to attract love and passion from this specific person. You have to perform this spell at night with a relaxed mind.

If you feel a bit frustrated because the target of this spell is ignoring you or something like that, try to leave it all behind and believe that this is your chance to create a deep mental connection. You can do this!

Difficulty: Beginner-friendly

Effectiveness: 3/5


  • A red candle.
  • A photograph of the loved one.
  • A rose incense stick.
6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (14)

How it’s done

  1. To start, you have to rub the red candle with your hands to transmit all the energy and desire of our body.
  2. Next, we must visualize the beloved person and think about what we would do if we were with her, repeating it aloud.
  3. Light candle and incense, while you imagine the special subject at your side.

Visualization is a powerful tool to let the important law of attraction works, especially when it comes to something we desire and something we want to accomplish in life. Spend a few moments with a candle to relax and to get used to the practice, and you will see amazing results.

Final Thoughts

As I always say: The spell serves so that the universe blesses you and facilitates your desire, but besides the casting, you need to act as you believe in the power of your connection and in your magickal abilities before, during and after the spell casting experience.

It is useless to perform think of me spell and “obsessing” the other person day and night, if you decided to give one these spells a try you need to keep acting like that. Don’t expect anything and don’t try to divert or force the contact with your target. Let the magic do the work and you will get results.

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (15)

Cast these spells, and with the confidence that now everything is in your favor, feel overpowered. It is your time to be happy, to have peace of mind, to have control over your own life, and that. Choose the spell that makes you feel more in tune with your own craft, choose something easy to perform for you, honor your craft, and believe in your magick! You’ve got this!

6 Powerful Think of Me Spells [Non Stop Attraction] (2024)


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