New Moon in Cancer 2024: Its Impact on all zodiac signs | - Times of India (2024)

New Moon in Cancer 2024: New Moon is the phase when Moon is least visible in the sky. Mon changes its position in every 2 and half days and this time on the day of


, it is going to be transiting in the Cancer

zodiac sign

. Moon is the lord of


and will be transiting in the same. New Moon is going to occur on July 5, 2024. Let's know its impact on all

zodiac signs

Aries natives you need to trust you feelings your intuitions and your gut.

Don't get scared of anything or anyone. You are protected by the divine angels and powers. Do not be work 24*7, you should understand that you need to slow down sometimes to just listen to your heart.

Taureans need to trust their voice, their plans and ideas. Juts be confident to everything what you do in life. You should spend some time with your loved ones. During this whole period, you might feel little down but your siblings help you to get out of this low situation.
Geminis are ruled by Mercury. You should have full faith in God and his plans so if something is going against you, no worries just take deep breath and fight back for it. Your loves ones are with you and you have their full support. Mentally, you have struggled a lot but this time you need to trust the Karma.

Cancer energy is the divine feminie energy so the emotions will be high during this period. Your need to set the intentions and goals. Trust in your confidence, your worthiness, who you are and who you appear to others. Show your love to your loved ones. This time you emotion might be high and you should perform meditation to calm your thoughts.
Leos are ruled by Sun. This time, they might feel something negative or it can be negative energy. Their energies are very high so they feel things around them which are invisible also. Do not chase people who do not give attention to you. You should express the gratitude to God for all the love you have got from your loved ones. Show your love to those who are near to you.
This new Moon in Cancer is lighting up your house of community, its encouraging you to make new friends but they should be honest and loyal. You need to kick out those people who are your secret enemies but they show up as a friends. This time to re-think about your decisions which you have taken in the past.
Libras will not in good mood during this period. They have to fight at workplace for what they deserve. You have to analyse who is your friend and who is not your friend. Stop sharing professional things with anyone. This is the time for going out with friends and calm your mind.
For Scorpions, this is the relaxing time. Do not say harsh words to anyone in your family. During this time, you may feel alone as you are not spending time with people you like. You will feel small changes in yourself like you are not communicating with people and staying in your own world.
Sagittarius natives will behave like a soldier. You have been through a lot so this time will make you strong and independent. You might come out of your comfort zone and try different activities such as rafting, trekking and long drives.
Capricorn natives will focus on self discipline especially when it comes to self control. You are being encouraged to work more during this period. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.
Aquarians are advised to set up boundaries. Do not allow anyone to walk over you or underestimate you. Never give up on your goals and continue what you are doing. You might feel low physically and mentally but this is a small phase. You will again stand up and fight for the things you want.
Pisceans are advised to create a balance in between professional and personal life. They should also take rest. You need to learn how to balance some rest days or the days you get to do fun activities that you enjoy.

New Moon in Cancer 2024: Its Impact on all zodiac signs | - Times of India (2024)


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