Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (2024)

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (1)

Yankee Doodle Dandy! It's set to be (tea) party time at WOW Vegas Social Casino this Fourth of July, as they launch their 'Red, white, & Win!' Independence Day Promotion!

WOW Vegas, the standout US social casino, are set to ring the bell of Liberty this July 4th, and reward 159 players with a share of the 5,000 SC Prize Pool!

All you'll need to do to get involved is to spin some of the premium free slots at WOW Vegas (details below on this), so there's no excuse to give it a go while you're waiting for the grill to heat up.

What is the WOW Vegas 'Red, White, & Win!' Promotion?

So we've already said that this is a simple promo to get stuck into - but exactly how does it work?

Let's dig into the details.

WOW Vegas is a social casino that is well-known for its 'Prize Drop' promotions and bonuses, and the 'Red, White, & Win!' promo is no different.

Prize Drops are an exciting and innovative reward system that is well-used in the sweepstakes casino world. Put simply, to enter, you just need to play a selection of slot games and wait for prizes to be awarded at random (as they 'drop'). That's really all there is to it!

Usually, the prize drops are time-limited and will only occur at specific points in a period of time or on a particular day, so you need to be prepped and ready to get involved.

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (2)

How to Play the 'Red, White, & Win!' Promotion

Follow these steps to get involved with the 'Red, White, & Win!' prize drop promotion on the Fourth of July:

  1. If you've not already signed up, click to register at WOW Vegas (and grab your free coin bonus!)
  2. Complete the account verification and login.
  3. On the main menu, tap 'Promotions' and find the 'Red, White, & Win!' banner.
  4. Hit 'Find out more to see all the details for this promotion.
  5. 'Red, White, & Win!' screen, you'll be able to load the participating slot games.
  6. Play your preferred game, and wait for the first prize to drop!

In total there is over 5,000 Sweepstakes Coins to be won, and 159 players who can be a winner.

This promotion runs from 00:00 to 23:59 on July 4. Please ensure you read the promotional terms and conditions in full before playing.

What Slot Games Are Included in the 'Red, White, & Win!' Promotion?

There are a few selected games included in this Independence Day offer, but luckily these are some of the best free WOW Vegas slots available.

The participating free slots include:

  • Sugar Rush 1000
  • Sweet Bonanza 1000
  • Congo Cash
  • Big Burger Load it Up with Extra Cheese
  • Sweet Kingdom
  • Crankit Up

Sugar Rush 1000 Free Slot

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (3)

Following on from the outstanding original game, Sugar Rush 1000 is a feast for the eyes and tastes with a new expansive 7x7 grid, and sweet slot symbols like gummy bears, stars and jelly hearts.

Landing five or more adjacent symbols triggers a cash prize equal to that symbols value, and there are also exploding symbols that trigger a multiplier and a tumble feature that tips more symbols onto the grid.

Play Sugar Rush 1000 Free Slot

Congo Cash Free Slot

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (4)

With a Return to Player (RTP) of 96.51% and a max win of x5,000 your bet, Congo Cash ius one slot worth exploring the jungle for.

Developed by Pragmatic Play, this gorilla-themed slot offers high volatility but sizeable jackpots and one intriguing feature, the 'Jewel Board,' which activates all other bonuses, including free spins and the jackpot prizes.

Play Congo Cash Free Slot

Crankit Up Free Slot

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (5)

This slot game launches on July 4th, so WOW Vegas players will get an early look at what it has to offer. Crankit Up is another one from the wizards at Pragmatic Play and promises big things for those who like their slot games LOUD!

Set in a flash nightclub (or disco, depending on your age), Crankit Up features a 3x5 grid, a 95.95% RTP, and a number of sticky wilds and multipliers to boost your chances of winning. Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, triggers the free spins feature which can boost your winning potential even further.

Play Crankit Up Free Slot

Why Play at WOW Vegas Social Casino?

WOW Vegas Social Casino offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that combines the excitement of casino games with the social elements of online communities.

WOW Vegas allows players to enjoy a variety of free games, take advantage of numerous bonuses, and interact with other players in a virtual casino environment. The platform features a wide array of free slot games, including classic slots, 'Hold & Win' games, jackpot games, and Megaways slots.

Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (6)

All games are available to play for free using the WOW Vegas coin-based gameplay, which includes Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. Gold Coins are used to play slot games and are just for fun. They cannot be redeemed or transferred for cash or other prizes. Sweepstakes Coins on the other hand, can be redeemed for prizes.

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Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (7)

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    Red, White, and Win with WOW Vegas this Fourth of July! (2024)


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