World Cup 2022 - where to watch the games in Birmingham (2024)

After all of the excitement of the European Championships, we're really excited about the World Cup this year. Watching class football on the big screen is always a good time, but beer tastes a little bit sweeter when you're winning.

The lads are gearing up for Qatar 2022 which kicks off on November 20 - when the home nation takes on Ecuador in the opening game at Al Bayt Stadium. For us at home, there's no better place to get in on the action than down the pub.

Here, we're taking a look at the best places to watch the footy in Birmingham. There are 'Fan Zones' and pubs with multiple screens showing all of the action.

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England's first match of the tournament is scheduled to take place on November 21 when we take on Iran at 1pm. We take on the USA on November 25 at 7pm and then there's a big one - England vs Wales on November 29 at 7pm!

Here are some of the spots in the city you can watch:

Luna Springs

Digbeth party venue Luna Springs believes it has 'Birmingham's biggest World Cup fan zone' this year, with two giant HD LEG screens showing every game. There's a heated marquee and stretch tent especially for the event.

It's not just sitting and watching, Luna Springs is doing things in its typical style, with street food, live entertainment, giveaways and confetti drops! There'll be pre and post-match DJ sets and live bands. Oh, and loads of draught beer.

Luna Springs is suggesting you book to secure a spot, though tickets for the final won't be released until after first match play-offs. You have to pay a tenner to watch England matches, but you get a beer, cider or co*cktail on entry. You can see ticket info here.

Digbeth Arena, Lower Trinity Street, Deritend, B9 4AG


Broad Street Irish boozer O'Neill's plans on showing every World Cup match and they're offering drinks packages to make it easier on your wallet. You can get 12 bottles of lager in a bucket for £42, including Peroni, Corona, Budweiser and some alcohol-free bottles too.

You're best to book a table in advance if you fancy going, which you can do here. There's food too, including mix and match tapas, pizzas, pub classics and meats off the grill.

Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HG

The Old Crown

Another Digbeth spot worth considering to watch the games is The Old Crown. There's a heated and covered beer garden, with tickets to watch England games priced at £5. You can pay £15 and get entry plus pie and mash and a bottle of beer.

Set in Brum's oldest secular building, the Old Crown is a proper pub. The roadworks might be making getting to Digbeth a bit of a stress but, it's worth it when you're there! Bookings are being taken here.

High Street, Deritend, Birmingham B12 0LD

Hennesseys Bar

Another Digbeth hotspot, Hennesseys has tons of space - three bars over five rooms - and it's playing every single game of the World Cup this year, with commentary. In the garden, there'll be a huge LED screen as well as multiscreens inside and big screen projectors as well.

You can book a table, but you'll need to put down a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure one. That will be returned to you as a bar tab to spend on the day. It's free entry and walk-ins are available. For more details, and to make bookings, click here.

30-31 Allison Street, Digbeth, B5 5TJ

Secret Space Digbeth

4TheFans is hosting interactive World Cup experiences at Secret Space in Digbeth for the England games, featuring 'football legends' Kevin Phillips, Mark Lawrenson and Stuart Downing. There'll be a pre-match show before the game, food and drink and footballing action on huge anti-glare screens.

General admission gets you a drink plus hot food, while VIP tickets get you better views of the screens plus a meet and greet. General admission is £20, while VIP access is £30 with discounts available when six of you book. There'll be live DJ sets too. Find out more here.

Secret Space Digbeth, 30-34 River Street, Deritend, B5 5SA


Pryzm on Broad Street is hosting World Cup fan zones for each of the England matches, with huge screens, 'stadium sound', confetti and CO2 blasts! Let's hope we win then, eh?

Tickets are priced at £6 and include a bottle of Budweiser, but you can book a main stage table for six of you for £30. Check out how to book by clicking here.

182 Broad Street, B15 1DA


The big HD screens will be showing all of the World Cup games at Walkabout on Broad Street. Some bookings will require a small deposit, Walkabout says (likely the big England games) but you can claim it back in beers when you get there.

Food wise, you're looking at 'bonza' burgers, nachos and loaded fries as well as pub classics and sandwiches. You can look at booking here.

Langley Buildings, B1 2DS

The Rainbow

The Rainbow will be screening the World Cup in the main pub or the covered courtyard outside. Walk-ins are welcome but they do advise you book in advance, especially for England matches.

Food is vegan, provided by BA-HA, and it includes dishes like brisket and poutine, nachos, wings and calamari. Tickets are available to book here.

160 High Street, Deritend, Birmingham, B12 0LD

Heidi's Bier Bar

Qatar Airways has launched a World Cup fan zone in Heidi's Bier Bar on Broad Street. The fan park is set across two floors of the Oktoberfest-themed bar and it opens on Friday, November 25.

You can check out full details about the zone here, including drinks deals and plans. They're showing all of the games, right up to the final.

195, 196 Broad St, Birmingham, B15 1SU

If you're on Facebook, you can find our City Life page here.

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World Cup 2022 - where to watch the games in Birmingham (2024)


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